Cathy W. (Verona, WI)

"I honestly thought our lawn was hopeless from years of neglect, the grass was scarce and the weeds had almost taken completely over. I was afraid we had to start completely over. Their lawn care services eliminated the weeds, brought back our existing grass, and it's BEAUTIFUL for the first time since we've lived there!"


David S (Verona, WI)

  "I enthusiastically recommend TLC to any entity, Large or small, for their landscaping and snow removal needs." 

Georgianna M. (Belleville, WI)

"TLC is very efficient, professional and timely. We have used TLC-Turner Lawn Care for our maintenance for a number of years. Our customers have made comments on the beautiful appearance of our Bank." 

Dr. W. (New Glarus, WI)

  "I am a newer customer for Tuner Lawn Care LLC. After having moved down to the New Glarus, WI market this past summer and acquiring a fairly large yard that we were woefully unprepared to manage, I called TLC and left a message asking for help. A return call was made the same day, with the owner personally stopping by my house to survey and analyze the lawn need - and FITTING MY YARD into their busy schedule. TLC has taken care of my yard this summer and have done a spectacular job. They are timely, efficient, friendly (this term is an understatement!), knowledgeable, neat, and very fairly priced for the market. I highly recommend TLC to any business or private home owner looking for help in maintaining their landscape(s)."  

Nicole W (Stoughton, WI)

"Harry has been doing a great job on our lawn. We've had some problems with clover and crab grass. And now our lawn looks amazing and plush!! Thank you!! "

Roger & Madeleine D. (Monticello, WI)

 "We had the good fortune to employ TLC since 1999! We honestly think they take greater pride in my lawn and shrubs than we do! We always trust their lawn and shrub care advice, confident that it's offered in the best interest of our plant health, not as an attempt to sell more services. They have always honored our contract, even when circumstances such as wildly fluctuating gasoline prices have cut into their profits. We are proud to recommend them to everyone."